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Young woman examining hair in mirror for signs of whether female hair loss is reversible.
Female Hair Loss

Is Female Pattern Hair Loss Reversible?

Male and female pattern baldness are often grouped together into one hair loss condition. But there are some important differences between these conditions, that could have implications for clinica...

Female Hair LossMiddle aged woman showing causes of hair loss in women.

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Female hair loss can be triggered by many different factors and it's a complex issue that should be carefully investigated. Hair loss can affect women at any age, but there are some causes of hair ...

Hair HealthVariety of vitamins to treat vitamin deficiencies that cause hair loss.

Which Vitamin Deficiency Causes Hair Loss?

There's considerable debate about the usefulness of taking vitamins and supplements to treat a specific issue like pattern hair loss. We know that vitamins and minerals play an important role in th...

Female Hair LossWoman contemplating pregnancy and hair loss.

Pregnancy and Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss is a common issue faced by new mothers and it's caused in part by hormonal changes that occur shortly after delivery of the baby. In many cases, post pregnancy hair loss resolv...

Female Hair LossPCOS hair loss is a potential side effect.

PCOS Hair Loss

It's believed that PCOS affects approximately ten percent of women in their reproductive years. The signs and symptoms of this hormonal disorder can include dermatological issues like acne, excessi...

Hair Loss CausesYoung woman holding handful of minoxidil shedding hair.

Minoxidil Shedding

Shedding when you begin any hair loss treatment is more common than you think. It's often reported with finasteride, but it can also occur with minoxidil. At the heart of minoxidil shedding is a si...

Hair HealthExercising man using steroids and hair loss.

Steroids and Hair Loss

Anabolic steroids are performance enhancing substances that mimic the effects of male sex steroid hormones. There has been speculation that anabolic steroid use can cause hair loss in some men. The...

Hair Loss CausesMan with hair loss showing finasteride regrowing hairline.

Can Finasteride Regrow My Hairline?

Many people wonder if finasteride will work on specific areas of hair loss, including the frontal hairline. The good news is that this treatment will work on the entire scalp and for most people, a...

Hair Loss CausesFather who may carry male pattern baldness gene with his son.

Male Pattern Baldness Gene

Whether hair loss comes from the father’s or mother’s side of the family is a hotly debated topic. It’s a common misconception that balding comes from the mother’s side of the family. Baldness is m...

Hair Loss CausesYoung man looking in mirror touching hair wondering about causes of hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss

Sex steroid hormones drive the development of androgenetic alopecia (also known as male pattern hair loss). But there are many other reasons and causes for hair loss. Let this be your starting poin...

Hair Loss CausesMan caressing hair experiencing the early signs of androgenetic alopecia.

What Is Androgenetic Alopecia?

Having great hair is an instant confidence boost. But for some, androgenetic alopecia (also known as male pattern baldness) can put a damper on things. The cause of this type of hair loss is mainly...

Hair HealthYoung man lifting weights exploring relationship between working out and hair loss

Does Working Out Cause Hair Loss?

Exercise temporarily increases levels of testosterone and the stress hormone cortisol. Reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are metabolic byproducts, also increase in concentration. Do these change...

Hair HealthMan touching thyroid gland for signs of hypothyroidism leading to hair loss.

Hormones and Hair Loss: Hypothyroidism

Thyroid hormones and thyroid dysfunction can have dramatic effects on hair health. It's important to be aware of the differences between hair loss due to the thyroid and other causes, as treatment ...

Hair Loss CausesDoctor discussing options for best medication for hair loss with his patient.

What Is The Best Medication For Hair Loss?

Minoxidil, finasteride and dutasteride are popular medications used to treat male pattern hair loss. When it comes to deciding which agent is right for you, there are a few key things to consider, ...

Hair Loss CausesDHT and Hair Loss

DHT and Hair Loss

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the male sex steroid hormone responsible for male pattern hair loss. DHT levels are dictated by DHT production and metabolism, which are processes dictated by genetics.