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Exercising man using steroids and hair loss.
Hair Health

Steroids and Hair Loss

Anabolic steroids are performance enhancing substances that mimic the effects of male sex steroid hormones. There has been speculation that anabolic steroid use can cause hair loss in some men. The...

Hair HealthCGI rendered image of hairs emerging from scalp to illustrate the hair growth cycle.

How Does Hair Grow? The Hair Growth Cycle

The hair growth cycle can be broken down into three main stages that describe the process through which the hair follicle produces a healthy hair. These stages are anagen, catagen and telogen.

Hair HealthMan with advanced hair loss according to the Hamilton Norwood scale.

What is the Hamilton-Norwood scale?

Male pattern hair loss is assessed using a tool called the Hamilton-Norwood scale. A person's Norwood score provides a visual indication of how advanced their hair loss is and can provide valuable ...

Hair HealthYoung man lifting weights exploring relationship between working out and hair loss

Does Working Out Cause Hair Loss?

Exercise temporarily increases levels of testosterone and the stress hormone cortisol. Reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are metabolic byproducts, also increase in concentration. Do these change...

Hair HealthMan touching thyroid gland for signs of hypothyroidism leading to hair loss.

Hormones and Hair Loss: Hypothyroidism

Thyroid hormones and thyroid dysfunction can have dramatic effects on hair health. It's important to be aware of the differences between hair loss due to the thyroid and other causes, as treatment ...

Hair HealthThree generations of men depicting the role of testosterone and DHT in men's health and development.

The Role of Testosterone and DHT in Men's Health

Testosterone and DHT are two key male sex hormones. They often come up in discussions of male hair loss, but also serve important roles in the maintenance of male health. 

Hair HealthMan shampooing his hair demonstrating how to practice optimal scalp health.

Scalp Health: 101

The scalp is more than just a layer of skin on your head. It's the foundation for great hair and requires adequate hygiene, nutrition and protection to function optimally.

Hair HealthYoung female doctor holding up a model of scalp anatomy.

Scalp Anatomy: The 5 Layers Of The Scalp

The scalp consists of five specialized tissue layers that protect the skull and provide structure for hair follicles. It's also the means through which oxygen and nutrients access developing hairs.

Hair HealthCloseup of red clover plant, the source of red clover extract known for its hair growth benefits.

Red Clover Extract for Hair: Can Red Clover Help Regrow Hair?

XYON’s shampoo and conditioner line features red clover extract as a key ingredient. It's been found to help stimulate hair growth, thicken hair and reduce scalp inflammation and may be helpful in ...

Hair HealthMan in shower using saw palmetto shampoo to help with hair loss.

Saw Palmetto Shampoo: Does It Help With Hair Loss?

Saw palmetto, the active ingredient in saw palmetto shampoo, has been found to have DHT-lowering capabilities, similar to finasteride and dutasteride. In this way, saw palmetto shampoo may be a use...

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