Founder Director and CEO

Dr. Simon Pimstone, MD PhD FRCPC


Dr. Pimstone's story

Dr. Simon Pimstone has over 25 years of experience in the life sciences, drug development and entrepreneurship. He brings this passion and expertise to his current role as CEO of XYON, an industry leading brand focused on developing sophisticated and effective solutions for hair loss.

He has held various management, board, and advisory roles at companies including Xenon Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: XENE), Eupraxia Pharmaceuticals (TSX: EPRX), Alpha9 Oncology and Kokua Pharmaceuticals.

In addition to these roles, Dr. Pimstone has served on the boards of several industry and healthcare associations. He was former chair of LifeSciences BC and the Providence Healthcare Research Trust, as well as being former vice-chair of BIOTECanada. He has also previously chaired the Canadian federal government State of Nation Report.

Dr. Pimstone serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine and Associate Member, Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia.

He also serves as faculty on the Providence Health Care Heart and Lung Institute.

Outside of work, Dr. Pimstone enjoys playing soccer, hiking, surfing and cooking. His long term goal is to get involved in the delivery of services to improve mental healthcare in poor and marginalized communities.

A solution that came too late.

Dr. Pimstone's own hair loss story is no secret: he started to lose his hair early, when he was just in his twenties. He had a very strong family history of hair loss on both his mothers and fathers sides. At the time, options for treating hair loss were limited and he's the first to admit that he didn't take steps early enough to stop his hair loss it in its tracks.

Now, several decades later, as an experienced physician and scientist, he's proud to bring to patients SiloxysSystem™ Gel, a truly innovative technology that he wishes existed when he started to lose his hair.

The best part? It's designed to make hair loss treatments safer to take, for great results without compromise.


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Doctorate of Medicine (MD)

University of Cape Town, South Africa


Genetics (PhD)

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Internal Medicine (Postgrad. Fellowship)

University of British Columbia, Canada


Dr. Don Rix Award for Lifetime Achievement


Bloom Burton Award Finalist


Life Sciences British Columbia Deal of the Year Award

Recent publications

The importance of non-traditional and sex-specific risk factors in young women with vasomotor non-obstructive versus obstructive coronary syndromes

(Théberge E., Vikulova D., Pimstone S., Brunham L., Humphries K., Sedlak T., 2023)

Investigating Risk Factor Profiles of Women with Early-Onset Presentation of Obstructive and Non-Obstructive Coronary Artery Syndromes

(Théberge E., Vikulova D., Pimstone S., Brunham L., Humphries K., Sedlak T., 2023)

Trends in management of cardiovascular risk factors in young adults who go on to develop coronary artery disease

(Vikulova D., Lee M., Pinheiro Muller D., Pimstone S., Brunham L., 2022)

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