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Topical Dutasteride

with SiloxysSystem™ Gel Technology

Fight back against hair loss with power and precision. Introducing our cutting-edge gel containing dutasteride, a newer, stronger medication that effectively decreases DHT, the main cause of pattern hair loss. Designed to help regrow hair and stop male pattern hair loss in its tracks. With SiloxysSystem™ Gel, dutasteride is delivered directly to your hair roots, while keeping its absorption into the body to a minimum. Welcome to the next level of hair loss treatment.

Topical dutasteride is a patient-specific physician-prescribed compounded medication and has not been approved by the FDA. Only available if prescribed after an online consultation with a licensed doctor, availible through the XYON platform.

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Verified patient
back of head topical finasteride before and after photo of Xyon health patient
Topical Dutasteride Hair Loss Type 7 with diffused pattern alopecia 28 years old


Verified patient
before and after photo of Xyon Health patient after using topical dutasteride with head tilted forward
Topical Dutasteride Norwood Scale 3 26 years old


Verified patient
before and after photo of Xyon Health patient after using topical finasteride top view of head
Topical Finasteride Norwood Scale 7 with diffused pattern alopecia 23 years old


Verified patient
before and after photo of Xyon Health patient after using topical finasteride overhead view of head
Topical Finasteride Norwood Scale Vertex VI 35 years old

A Powerful Hair Loss Treatment.

Treating Male Hair Loss with Topical Dutasteride

Dutasteride is a potent 5-alpha reductase inhibitor that blocks two forms of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, dramatically reducing DHT, the primary cause of male pattern baldness.

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Designed as a Safer Delivery Technology

SiloxysSystem™ Gel is changing how hair loss is treated. Utilizing specially engineered particles that are small enough to carry medications to where they're needed in the skin, medications are precisely and gradually released into the area of need. Designed to minimize potential side effects associated with oral forms of hair loss medications.

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Our Shampoo and Conditioner

Part of an effective regimen for combating hair loss in men. Our dermatologist-crafted formula blends powerful natural ingredients, including clover flower and saw palmetto extracts, to effectively target DHT, the hormone responsible for male pattern baldness.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Topical Dutasteride for Hair Loss

SiloxysSystem™ Gel Technology

XYON offers access to SiloxysSystem™ Gel, an innovative, doctor-prescribed delivery system for medications. It's designed to maximize the efficacy of active ingredients, while minimizing potential side effects.

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Our founding clinicians have personally witnessed the negative effects of hair loss on quality-of-life. Years of clinical and scientific expertise have gone into developing a new approach to treating this condition.

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Every XYON consultation is overseen by an independent, licensed physician, who will deliver your personalized prescription directly to our compounding pharmacy partners.

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Dutasteride has been shown to be effective in treating hair loss in men, with noticeable results in just a few months. Reduce shedding and increase hair growth with a clinically proven hair loss solution. Start a consultation with a doctor today to see if prescription topical dutasteride is right for you.

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