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Simplifying the Steps

Our Seamless Process.

Starting your consultation is a breeze. You'll start by answering a few health-related questions and deciding on your payment method. Next, you'll share some images to help the specialist physician make their assessment. Finally, you'll provide a piece of ID to confirm your identity.

After reviewing your details, a specialist physician will reach out to discuss the best route forward. You can expect clarity and confidence at every stage of your hair growth journey.

Embracing the Digital Age

Online Consultations: Empowering You to Take Control.

With XYON, take the driver's seat in your journey against hair loss. Gone are the days of clinic waitlists and pharmacy lines. Begin your hair growth journey today from the comfort of home, while still receiving the same level of professional care and confidentiality you'd expect face-to-face.

Your Privacy. Our Priority.

Transacting with Trust: Safety at Every Step.

Our secure e-health platform uses advanced encryption to ensure that your data stays confidential. Every image, ID and piece of health information you share is visible only to the doctor evaluating your profile. With XYON, security is never an afterthought. It's our pledge.

No More Missed Refills

Year-long Coverage, Doorstep Delivery and Hassle-Free Hair Care.

All XYON prescriptions cover a year's worth of treatment. No monthly reminders, just quarterly deliveries right to your doorstep. Need to make changes? Use our patient portal to modify or cancel your orders effortlessly.

Elevate Your Treatment

Clinically-Proven Prescription Solutions.

The active ingredients in our prescription compounded treatments have been studied in clinical trials. Recognized for their safety and efficacy and only issued after a doctor's assessment, you can be confident that your hair loss solution is backed by science and that experts are here to guide you.

Why We Ask for Personal Details

Ensuring Tailored & Safe Recommendations.

Every piece of info we request, from images of your hair to your government-issued ID, is crucial for our specialist physicians to make the safest and most effective recommendations for you. When you provide us with accurate information, we're better equipped to help you get the precise care you need.