Hair Loss Causes

Genetics and Male Pattern Hair Loss: An Interview with Dr. Jerry Cooley

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In this episode, Dr. Simon Pimstone is joined by Dr. Jerry Cooley, a pioneer in the field of surgical hair transplantation and lead surgeon at the Cooley Hair Centre, based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Their conversation centers around the latest research and guidance on the causes and treatment of hair loss and includes a deeper dive into the complex relationship between DHT and thinning. He also provides insight on how he decides what to recommend his patients based on their age, type of hair loss and severity of hair loss. As new technologies and treatments for hair loss emerge, it's important for patients to understand their hair loss condition, be aware of the options they have and also, know when to take action on thinning hair. Dr. Cooley also provides his opinion on alternative hair loss therapies.

About Dr. Jerry Colley

Jerry E. Cooley, MD has been performing state-of-the-art surgical hair restoration for over 25 years. His consistent, successful approach to hair restoration, and his team at the Cooley Hair Center, attract patients from all over North America and the world. Their personalized approach to patient care and their incredibly natural results have made Dr. Cooley one of the most respected reputations in the industry.

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