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Young woman reading medication label for finasteride for women.
Female Hair Loss

Finasteride for Women

Although the involvement of androgens in female pattern hair loss is less clear, there is some data that suggests that finasteride is an efficacious treatment for some women. If you choose to take ...

Female Hair LossMature woman with headache, one of the finasteride side effects in women.

Finasteride Side Effects in Women

When it comes to the safety of finasteride treatment for female pattern hair loss, the risks are surprisingly similar between women and men, with the exception of its contraindication in women of c...

Female Hair LossWoman with female pattern hair loss holding brush full of hair.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female pattern hair loss is a common hair loss disorder that is most often associated with aging and changing hormone levels. It's a complex condition that can begin as a gradually widening hair pa...

Female Hair LossFemale patient with hair loss taking minoxidil for women.

Minoxidil For Women

Minoxidil is a treatment that is available over-the-counter (topical) and as a prescription (oral) for the management of female androgenetic hair loss. Its safety and efficacy are well-established ...

Female Hair LossYoung woman taking tablet of dutasteride for female hair loss.

Dutasteride for Female Hair Loss

There is some data that suggests that dutasteride and other 5-alpha reductase inhibitors might work for female patients, but it's important to understand that the management of DHT levels is just o...

Female Hair LossDrop of topical finasteride for women on female fingertip.

Topical Finasteride For Women

Female pattern hair loss has unique underlying causes. For this reason, women don't necessarily respond the finasteride treatment the same way men do. There are special risks associated with taking...

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