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saw reduced hair loss with finasteride.

Won et al., 2018


experienced more regrowth or less hair loss after using an anti-androgen medication.

Sinclair et al., 2005


saw a higher hair count after taking minoxidil.

McCoy et al., 2016

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Hair Loss Type Thinning all over 70 years old

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From SiloxysSystem™ Gel, our one-of-a-kind base developed to help control how medications are released, to oral medications that can easily be added to your routine, we’ve got options to suit everyone's needs.

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How it helps

Time-release technology helps control how much and how quickly medication that enters the body.

The most common form of most medications. Convenient for most women and dosing is exact every time.

Good to know

Risk of side effects is potentially lower, since body is exposed to less medication.

Whole body is exposed. Slightly higher risk of side effects, but some drugs are more effective taken orally.

Delivery method

Mess-free, lightweight gel makes it easy to apply treatment exactly where it’s needed.

Taken by mouth, with or without food depending on the treatment.

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Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about female hair loss.