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When Chris started noticing hair loss, he did his research and quickly learned about the potential side effects of finasteride. When he found out about SiloxysSystem™ Gel, what stuck out to him was the potential for a safer solution to his thinning hair.


Jordan is a great example of someone who was proactive about his hair. After using topical finasteride for a few months and seeing positive results, he chose to switch to topical dutasteride to help ensure that his progress would last.


JV's story is nothing short of inspiring. Experience the power of our performance treatments through JV's firsthand account, detailing his remarkable journey to hair regrowth using XYON's innovative prescription topical hair loss treatments.


In Geordie's case, the reality of his hair loss didn't sink in until friends started pointing it out. After being on treatment for a few years, he's noticed his hair grow back in surprising ways. He gives XYON the credit for helping him become even more confident than he already was.

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G. Y.

“I’ve been on XYON for 3 years know, it changed my life. I think I was always this confident dude but it’s brought it to the next step.”

W. M.

"I really like the way this product feels in my hair and without a doubt, it’s the highest quality topical finasteride product on the market. I have no hair fall whatsoever when I’m on this."


It has absolutely improved my hair conditions. Noticeable hair growth since I am on XYON treatment.

T. D.

"[I've] seen results and hair feels thicker."


The process to sign up for and receive refills of the Xyon topical finasteride drug was seamless. Application is easy and I have noticed not only a cessation of loss but some regrowth as well.

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