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From Thinning to Thriving

Slide to see the remarkable difference! Compare JV's hair condition before and after using XYON's hair loss solutions. These pictures reveal the impressive progress JV made, showcasing the power of our unique, breakthrough technology. Witness how XYON's products not only halted his hair loss but stimulated robust regrowth over time, offering a visual testament to our treatment's effectiveness.




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A Journey of Regrowth

Watch as JV recounts his personal experience with XYON's hair loss treatments. In this video, he highlights the transformative impact of our unique technology on his hair health.

Really XYON, myself and my wife appreciate everything you've done for us.


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Our Prescription Hair Loss Treatments

Here is a quick comparison of topical finasteride, topical dutasteride and oral finasteride hair loss treatments. When choosing the best option to address your hair loss concerns, it's important to consider differences in application methods, localized effects and potential side effects.

Topical Finasteride
Topical Finasteride

3-Month Supply

Sale price$297.00
Topical Dutasteride - XYONHealth
Topical Dutasteride

3-Month Supply

Sale price$387.00
Oral Finasteride | 1mg - XYONHealth
Oral Finasteride

3-Month Supply

Sale price$105.00
Application method

Applied on scalp

Applied on scalp

Taken orally

Mechanism of action

Inhibits DHT locally

Inhibits DHT locally

Inhibits DHT systemically

Localized effect




Not ready for a prescription treatment?

Our DHT-Blocking Shampoo for Hair Loss

Part of an effective regimen for combating hair loss in men. Our dermatologist-crafted formula blends powerful natural ingredients, including clover flower and saw palmetto extracts, to effectively target DHT, the hormone responsible for male pattern baldness.

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FDA-approved treatment options available. Regrow your hair in as little as 3 months*. Patented technology designed to reduce risk of side effects.
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*Results vary between users and can take between 3 to 6 months.